WT South Central Regional Preview

Cross Country Teams

The ladies ran their first 6k of the season and they were able to see a quality field while doing so. We wanted to give them the experience of racing a 6k since we hadn't ran one this season. With it being the DII South Central Regional Preview they competed against good athletes. They competed well and the longer race distance didn't faze them at all.

Lizette Aguilera: 25:12 – 12th
Jasmine Rangel: 26:21 – 25th
Brooke Rauch: 28:06 – 37th

It was good to have more of our guys healthy this week and it is starting to come together in time for Regionals. Like the women, the guys were able to compete against quality DII teams. Everyone did their job and I couldn't have asked much more from them. We wanted to practice a few things in our last race before Regionals and we were able to get that done. 

Elijah McWilliams: 27:05 – 14th
Oscar Torres: 28:42 – 30th
Cristian Sanchez: 28:44 – 31st
Jorge Munoz: 30:32 – 42nd
Adrian Monroy: 31:47 – 47th